Zangief is a reverse genocidal cockatrice, along with Murgatroyd and Kilik, all of whom are named after videogame characters, specifically fighting game characters. Zangief is the only known surviving reverse genocidal cockatrice of the Great Snail King saga. It is suggested that he is the original Zangief from Street Fighter II.


Zangief is known to be a russian assassin, along with the other reverse genoicidal cockatrices, sent to kill Hillman for some as of yet unkown reason. He obviously recieved training during this time, and may or may not have planned to have Hillman summon him in order to assassinate him. Many facts are unkown about Zangief. At some point, Hillman summoned Zangief along with Murgatroyd and Kilik on a whim, and it was later revealed that Zangief was a russian assassin. Though it appears that Zangief was killed by Blue-haired man, he somehow survived the Great Snail King saga to play basketball with Hillman.


Zangief has all the abilites of cockatrices from the video game Nethack, and also can do anything a spider can. In addition to this, he also must have picked up some tricks during his assassin training, and believes himself to play a skilled game of basketball.


  • Zangief is one of the only characters never to have been fused with anything.
  • Zangief has appeared in the Lunar Hill banner.

Relevant commands to ZangiefEdit