The second main antagonist in Lunar Hill. He first appears in the Elemental Stones Saga. In which he is revealed to be one of Hillman's own shirt button [1].


The sinister pixel is one of the pixels that show up in the comic. He is a dark red pixel, and he is the long lost brother of the Loneliest Pixel [2]

Abilities Edit

Shares common traits that pixels have. He is a stronger pixel than normal, and he is able to resist the power of fusion [3] Yet, when he does fuse with an object, it become powerful (and evil). The only successful fusion was with the moon [4]. Transforming the moon into Sinistar, from the video game Sinistar.

Trivia Edit

  • This Sinister Pixel has a twitter [5]

Relevant commands to Sinister Pixel Edit

  • "Fuse the Sinister Pixel with the Moon" by Armadox [6]