The Pixel spy is a small, orange, pixel that is very mysterious and not much is known about it.

Biography Edit

The first appearance of this character was when Hillman found out that there was a spark of flame that wasn't moving [1] The Pixel spy is a pixel who once worked for The Sinister Pixel along time ago, who later died when on a mission. He and The Sinister Pixel met up in hell later on after Hillman had killed The Sinister Pixel. But once freed from Hell, he got bored of working with The Sinister Pixel and decided to stick around with Hillman However after seeing and being persuaded by Hillman 2 that Hillman is evil and that the earth must be destroyed he joined with him to drain the The Loneliest Pixel's power to fire a laser at earth.

Trivia Edit

  • The Pixel spy is male
  • He changes sides... a lot
  • Nobody knows his name