The loneliest pixel is a small, green, pixel that no one really remembers. He is the second main character of Lunar Hill, and he is also an iconic character of Lunar Hill.

Biography Edit

The first appearance of this character was on the illegally downloaded map of Lunar Hill [1]. He is later found in the same boat Hillman was traveling in at the time [2]. The Pixel claims no one hears him, and this reoccurs many times throughout the comic. Some of the commands given to Hillman are even ignored when dealing with the Loneliest Pixel [3] . The Sinister Pixel is a long lost brother of the Loneliest Pixel. The Loneliest Pixel also possesses the ability to fuse with other objects, such as weapons and people.

Trivia Edit

  • This Loneliest Pixel Wikipedia article was misspelled when this article was first created. As a result, the Loneliest Pixel remarks it being incorrect when Hillman check's out the website [4]
  • Was the first character to get it's own shirt [5].
  • The Loneliest Pixel is male [6]
  • The Loneliest Pixel is currently starring in his own CYOA at Cubicculim Incorpirated.
  • He became King Pixel