A race of sentient beings, having bodies composed of a single cell. They are the only creatures that can not go into 32-bit mode.

Abilites Edit

  • They can float just about anywhere
  • Are able to interact with objects
  • Eat
  • Pick up objects
  • Can blend in and camouflage themselves, they make great spy's
  • Their names are usually The ____est pixel,there's only three exeptions

List of Known Pixels Edit

  • The Loneliest Pixel (King Pixel)
  • The Sinister Pixel
  • The Spy Pixel Princess
  • Pixel spy
  • The Brightest pixel
  • The Purplest pixel
  • the Yellowest Pixel
  • The Deadliest pixel
  • The Loneliest Pixel's sister (Aka; The Pink Pixel, Pinky, Mrs. Hillman)
  • Hillman's Pixel Children
  • The Pixel Queen
  • The Pixel Queen's servants
  • Various Dead Pixels
  • The Dimmest Pixel
  • The Pixel Pancake
  • The Pixel Waffle (Wpafxle)