Master Chief is a purple sea urchin who is one of many Hillman Summons [1]


As one of Hillman's pets, he appeared during the elemental stone saga as one of the many random commands given to Hillman. He is able to hold objects by clamping his shell together around the object, however it's a mystery how he moves [2].   He is very optimistic, as he states his happiness for events that happen [3] [4] . Master Chief was once a goddess. When she was brought to the future, she changed into a male urchin [5]  Later, she disappears from the comic shortly after the start of the Snail King quest. Only to return when Hillman lays an egg, hatching into Master Chief [6]. Master Chief's name was later changed to Robin... and then back to Master Chief.

Trivia Edit

  • Master chief has it's own t-shirt, with the phrase "Bow to the Urchin Mortal" underneath it [7]
  • Name is based on the main character from Halo's 1,2, and 3
  • Isn't 32-bit
  • The only character to have a gender change