Lunar Hill is a turtle that is disguised as a hill. Shortly after the TURTLE was summoned, a new command was given for Lunar Hill and TURTLE to fight for the death [1].  This caused both Hillman and TURTLE to be hurtled through the air. Upon landing, TURTLE dies of a concussion [2].  This event causes Lunar Hill to become the first antagonist [3]. During the battle of Lunar Hill, it is revealed that Lunar Hill's only weakness is baked doughs.[4] He later appears after the crew travels back in time [5]

Biography Edit

Lunar Hill has presumably been Lunar Hill for many years, although was once referred to as Moonlight Hill. He also is telepathic, and despite Hillman's vengeful crusade against him, appears to actually like Hillman. This was proven when Hillman got Lunar Hill to shift to the right, an act that may not have happened if Lunar Hill thought Hillman to be a big dickwad.

Abilities Edit

Lunar Hill is telepathic, gigantic, and has the following stats:

DAMAGE: 100 PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Baked-dough poisoning. POWER: Over 9000.

Trivia Edit

  • Lunar Hill was one of the first to appear, and was the only character other than Hillman to be featured in the first comic.
  • Lunar Hill been has featured on the banner.
  • Lunar Hill, though the comic is named after him, was the primary antagonist of the Lunar Hill saga.

Relevant commands Edit