001 - the beginning

Hillman during the first comic.

The main hero of Lunar Hill. This is the reader's only character they can control, except for Hillman's Summons. Has a variety of different looks, from a purple formal suit [1], to an M&M Jumpsuit [2], to having wings [3].

Biography Edit

Hillman used to be a con artist. He would sell a homing pigeon to someone on the street, and then the cage would pop open five minutes later, allowing the pigeon to fly back to Hillman's apartment so he could sell it again. This didn't go on very long, because the trick cages cost more than the pigeons. [4]

After Lunar HillEdit

In responce to the Lunar Hill Finale, a reader made a joke 3001th page showing that Hillman has become a hobo, who heavily regrets Pixel King's death. Though this is probably not canon. [5]

Strange ReadingsEdit

Recently, Hillman has been posting comments on Lunar Hill to control himself, for example:

People aren't sure who this mysterious man is, but what is known is that he's liked by Armbyorg.