The characters in Lunar Hill frequently enjoy parties and festivals, either to celebrate certain events, or for no reason at all. These celebrations might involve party hats, party blowers, showers of confetti, or red banners with page numbers printed on them.

List of Celebrations Edit

  • On Page 50, the quantum ghost owl and the negative owl held up a banner with the number 50 on it, and Monocle Mode was activated.
  • The first random party was held in the Water Temple, and then immediately crashed by the Sinister Pixel.
  • Page 300 was celebrated in the middle a field, partly as a means to distract the internet police, who were already busy reenacting a scene from the movie 300.
  • Hillman celebrated his successful return to the future with a confetti party.
  • A completely meaningless party occurred in the Moonlit Forest, wasting a lot of party supplies in the process.
  • The Firefly Festival is an annual 14-episode marathon of Firefly. Hillman attended this event on Page 500, joined by effigies of XP_Lulz, joanne kaye, SushiGummy, and SonicBoom01.