Lunar Hill's standard RACE (Rule of All-Caps Entries) requires that all fully-capitalized words in a command must be interpreted as an acronym, which Armbyorg usually makes up on the spot. This originated with TURTLE (The Ultra-Rad Totally-Liberal Elephant), SonicBoom01's innocent attempt to place emphasis on the word turtle.

Words That Became Acronyms Edit

  • TURTLE (The Ultra-Rad Totally-Liberal Elephant)
  • FOOT (Fantastic Ocarina Of Time)
  • MOUTH (Make Out Under The Heavens machine)
  • BOAT (Big Ol' Alligator Tooth)
  • LIFE (Livid Indigo Feather Elk)
  • DANGO (Dead And Not-Great Orange)
  • LATMAKABATLP (Let A Tiny Man Avidly Kick A Ball At The Loneliest Pixel)
  • PILE OF INCREDIBLY SH***Y SWORDS (Pile of Icy Lemon Entrails On Five Incredibly Not-Canned Red Eggs Dipped In Big Lovely Yellow Sauce Hung In The Tall Yawning Silo With Orange Radishes Drenched Slowly)
  • PWN (Place Water 'Neath)
  • I LOVE LUCY (Incomprehensible List Of Violations, Every Little Underrepresentation, and Complete Yearning; previously thought to be Island-Land Octopus Vainly Eating Little Uber-Crazy Yolk)
  • EGOCENTRIC (Every Good Ostrich Carries...)
  • BLOCKHEAD (Big Lame Octagonal Crazy Kid Hijacking Every and All Danish)
  • SCIENCE (Silly Cool Interesting Entrancing Cool Email)
  • MAGIC (My Awesome Great Idea, Child)
  • ARMBYORG (Acronym Request, Much Better, YO, Rather Great)
  • FLY (Freaky Little Yield sign)

Words That Were Submitted as Acronyms Edit

  • SAPOG (Super Awesome Pants of Greenness)
  • EBDS (Extreme Blue Dynamite Shirt)
  • ASHPD (Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device)
  • GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System)

Readers' Interpretations of ARMBYORG Edit

After failing to come up with a creative acronym for ARMBYORG, Armbyorg challenged readers (in the alt text) to try it themselves.[1]

  • Armed Rock Man Bob, Yakuza Of Righteous Goodness (XP_Lulz)
  • A Red Misunderstood Banana Yelling On Rusty Gears (BlueLink)
  • A Ready Made Banner Yeilded Over Rooster Guy (Armadox)
  • A Really Mad Blue Yam Over Radical Gabbing (Awesome Turtle)
  • Almost Reasonable Massive Bath Yet Overly Rotten and Glitched (JimmyP424)